About JDBC Team

We’re passionate about creating purposeful, safe and inviting spaces.

Our story

At JDBC, we’re passionate about creating purposeful, safe and inviting spaces. Our customers come to us when they’d like some direction and an expert opining on how to reinvigorate their staff and customers through design.

Over the past decade, our designers have worked tirelessly to develop commercial spaces that are inspiring, functional and designed with a purpose. We take into account a whole range of factors that extend far beyond aesthetics, through to how a space is intended to work. In doing this, we assist in office renovations in Perth that renew staff focus, align business values with office space style and much more.

Integrating Design, Workflow and Intention

Unlike several other studios in the city, JDBC blurs the lines between design, workflow and intention to create shop fit-outs and commercial space renovations that help our customers do better at their jobs.

If we believe a store or workplace’s layout is hindering productivity, creating a negative attitude or affecting customer’s ability to shop, we will change this immediately.

To add to our intention-focused design, we also hold sit-downs with our clients and ensure we’re creating a space that enhances their business ethos.

For our customers who have businesses that favour intimacy, such as spa businesses, we work to ensure this close-feeling workspace is created. The same consultation and process continues for clients who would like large, open and corporative spaces and more.

Qualified Staff

We are proud to say that all of our team members, from design through to construction, are all heavily qualified in their fields. At JDBC, we boast equipped interior decorators, tradespeople and interior architects.

With these certifications in mind, we can assure all of our clients that they are in the best of hands when it comes to commercial fit-outs and interior transformations in Perth.

A great perk of such profoundly qualified staff is that we’re able to ensure all of our designs and plans are ready to implement right away. We know exactly how to design spaces that adhere to Workplace Health & Safety regulations, as well as local council guidelines. This means little slow down, quick approval times and a new fit-out in no time at all.

Commercial, Office and Shop Fit-out Services

Working with such diverse team members means that our clients in Perth can recreate just about any business space they can think of.

Whether you’re an old or new business or a company with a number of different workspaces, you can rest assured we know exactly what to do and where to begin. If you’re looking to have a storefront redesigned, a shop layout enhanced to improve sales or an office renovated to make staff feel happier at work, then we’re able to offer this to you!

We’re always up for a challenge, and with the right qualifications, unmatched motivation and a love for interior design, we’re the team for you.

Give the team at JDBC a call today, and get on with your office renovations and shop fit-outs in Perth.

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